UK Expats: Transfer Your British Pension & Escape UK Taxes


If you worked in pensioned employment in the UK since 1970, and you have a UK occupational pension or personal pension, then now is the time to get a free review of your arrangement.


Gain Freedom From UK Pension Rules

These UK pension rules are costing you money:

  • The United Kingdom taxes the remaining pension fund left to your heirs. Exporting the fund to an approved overseas jurisdiction avoids this from happening.
  • The amount you can draw from your UK pension, tax free, is constantly falling. In 2010, it was £1,800,000. In April of 2016, it’ll be down to £1,000,000. Withdrawals you make over that amount are taxed between 25% and 55% — if your pension isn’t transferred.
  • Your death-in-retirement lump sum benefit is taxed at source in the UK at 45%. Other jurisdictions don’t do this.



“I’ve been advising UK expats, just like you, for over 35 years. By getting your pension reviewed by me (for free), I can recommend a solution that can be implemented immediately. This will save you money now and in the future, and make sure as much money as possible is left for your heirs.” - Tim Carroll, British Expat Advisor


Get Help From a Qualified Advisor

Tim Carroll will recommend, handle, and document the transfer transaction. There is no transfer fee.

After the transfer has been conducted, Tim will provide you with continued advice and monitoring for a modest annual fee. He will handle queries, request interim reports, advise on investment decisions, deal with death and retirement claims, order the distribution of lump sum benefit withdrawals, and deal with pension-sharing claims in cases of divorce.

In other words, Tim will provide ongoing service so you’re never left in the dark.


Grow Your Nest Egg

Investment in bonds and equities carries an element of risk. Values can fall as well as rise.

Tim will help you assess your level of risk-tolerance and carefully select a skilled investment management company. This company specializes in pension funds and can show a long and proven record of success.

History indicates that consistent, award-winning fund managers tend to remain in the top quartile of performance. The choice need not be permanent. It will be monitored constantly to achieve your retirement goal – making the best of this valuable UK pension asset.