Tim Carroll


Tim Carroll is President of UK Pension Transfer LLC which was incorporated in May 2012.

He was formerly a General Manager of the Kestrel Group which he joined in Belgium in 1996 – remaining with the company until the retirement of its CEO in March 2012. His long career in the British pensions industry began in 1969. He was admitted as a Fellow of the Life Insurance Association in 1979 – which merged in 2005 with CII and SOFA to become the Personal Finance Society. He started specializing in pension advice to British Expatriates in 1981 when he emigrated to Hong Kong and later to Spain from 1986 to 1996.

UK Pension Transfer LLC provides research into its clients’ existing pensions absolutely free of charge. When a pension is transferred to a new provider for the improved benefit of the pension holder the company is compensated by an annual advisory fee. It acts solely as an adviser in respect of UK pensions held by non-UK residents. It does not receive or invest pension assets. This is handled by regulated trustees and investment managers.

UK Pension Transfer LLC is registered as a licensed Investment Adviser in the State of Georgia, USA, and regulated by the SEC under the Uniform Securities Act.