How to Avail of a Transfer Pension Fund

With the aid of a pension expert, one can easily avail of a transfer pension fund. If you are a British expat who has frozen UK pensions or an old British pension, there is good news because you can now finally put it in your hands. Whether you are living in the USA, Australia or other countries outside of the UK, the transfer pension fund scheme is never far from your reach.

Many UK expats have made the right decision of having a transfer pension fund because they now have a control over how they can effectively manage and invest their pension on programs and investment opportunities abroad. No need to pay high taxes that you will have to pay if you are residing in Britain. It definitely has more benefits, better tax rates, and you can have better control over your very own pension earnings.

In addition, if you decide to have a transfer pension fund now, you would not have to worry about the new policy that the UK government is going to implement. The new rule is going to be take effect on April of 2014. The limit on the lifetime allowance has been decreased to 1.25 million pounds. The said limit used to be 1.5 million pounds. This is very sad news especially for those who have high income earnings because despite their large pay, they would have to pay more taxes once they decide to withdraw their earnings. If you want to know more about transfer pension fund, consult a specialist or a company that offer services such as pension advice and pension management