Get a UK Pension Transfer Now Before It’s Too Late

Have you heard about the new policy that will be rendered effective starting on April 2014 regarding UK pensions? Let’s face it. The British government is going through an economic crisis and the taxes that people pay are growing over time. One of the reasons why they opt for a UK pension transfer is because they can be saving money from the taxes that they need to pay especially if they exceed the limit on the lifetime allowance. Starting April 2014, the limit on the lifetime allowance will go down to 1.25 million British pounds. It used to be 1.5 million British pounds. This means that pensioners that receive high net worth incomes will have to pay more taxes if they decide to take out their pension money. This is not good news that is why more and more British expats are using UK pension transfer to not get affected by this upcoming new policy.

There are many British expats who have retired or transferred to the United States but they need to take care of their pensions as soon as they can. A UK pension transfer would be the best choice and decision. Spend some time researching about it and if once you decided to avail of a UK pension transfers plan, you should look for a reliable and trusted consultant or a company that offer advice and good services in taking care of UK pension transfer. Not only will you have more control of your pension, you may also get lesser fees to pay because of some policies or good pensions schemes that you may not know about.