Moving Overseas? 4 Good Questions to Ask About Your Pension

Good advice and financial security often go hand-in-hand. 

If you’ve moved abroad, now might be a good time to think about transferring your UK pension. You could gain a lot. Knowing your options is the first step. Finding good advice is the second.

What Can You Gain by Transferring Your Pension?

If you’re an expat and you’re currently living abroad, a pension transfer might be worth considering. If you’re a non-UK citizen who has contributed to a UK pension but you’re no longer living in the UK, you too may want to consider a transfer. You certainly don’t want to miss out on these possible benefits:

  • If you choose a lump sum, you may be able to receive more of that lump sum tax-free.
  • If your funds total more than £1m, it’s possible to avoid the Lifetime Allowance Tax levied by the UK. That’s a considerable advantage since that tax is 55%.
  • Once you transfer your pension, it may be free from taxation by UK authorities.
  • Gain freedom from UK pension rules.
  • Gain the freedom to find the solution that benefits you the most.
  • Gain the freedom to invest and improve your nest egg.
  • You may have the option to pass your pension fund to your beneficiaries…tax free.

How do You Find Good Financial Advice?

You should always feel comfortable when making investment choices. With investments come risk, so if you’re not sure about your options or the risk involved, you should consider getting some financial advice.

Financial advisers should be licensed, and they should put your best interests ahead of their own. In a best-case scenario, they should not be pushing their clients to invest in products for which they get a commission.

Advisers who work independently from financial institutions are in a better position to offer objective advice that puts your interests before their own or those of their shareholders.

What Should You Do First?

Buying a home. Deciding when to retire. Funding a college tuition account for your grandchildren. Like any life decision that has financial consequences, transferring your pension takes careful consideration. Before you make any moves, it might be a good idea to have someone review your situation.

A pension review could be a smart first step toward maximising your pension benefits. For overseas pensioners in the United States, finding a specialist who knows the US financial system as well as current pension transfer regulations is essential.

What Should You Look For in a Pension Review?

A pension review should be free of charge, and it should be offered without any strings attached. So-called ‘advisers’ who use pressure tactics and who make overblown claims can cause confusion with misleading statements and double-speak.

What you need is someone who will put time and effort into researching your unique financial status. Tim Carroll has a long career in British pensions and offers free UK pension reviews. As a licensed Investment Adviser in the State of Georgia, he knows the system and has the experience to offer knowledgeable advice to US-resident UK pensioners.

Want a free pension review? Call Tim Carroll or fill out the handy review form you see on this page. And remember: Tim offers a free review, well-informed advice, and the assurance of working with a licensed, regulated investment adviser with years of experience in the US.