Get More from Your Money with a British Pension Transfer

With more and more British people living currently overseas, many have built up sizeable cash pots that are held within the schemes of UK pensions. This is why it literally pays to know the benefits of making a British pension transfer to a QROPS or International SIPPS. Under a pension trust, each of your assets is held and all of these are free of wealth tax, capital gains tax and income tax. Plus, these can be passed onto successors free of all taxes include the kind you get when you inherit money. When you do a British pension transfer, you then in effect gain access to a full spectrum of opportunities all tailored to your risk threshold. These include alternative investments, commodities, fixed deposit, bonds, property and equity.

Many financial advisers would recommend making a British pension transfer since otherwise, your pots of pension funds would be frozen and unable to perform in schemes of the free market. When you transfer your British pension, you can then invest this into a low risk profile of investment and switch between strategies of investment. The best part is that when it comes to a British pension transfer, the plan benefits or the benefits that the plan pays for are not subject to tax in the UK.