Financial Advisors: Helping You Help Your Expat Customers

Why Partner With Us?


Expand Your Network

Working with us provides you with a valuable connection between your clients and their UK-based pensions. Tim Carroll works with financial advisors throughout the United States, partnering for the exchange of information so they can better serve their clients. It’s like having a pension transfer expert on your advisory board. 

Add to Your Areas of Expertise

Your clients come to you for expert knowledge of financial matters and planning. Add to your body of knowledge by partnering with UK Pension Transfer, LLC, a Georgia-based advisory company specializing in the transfers of pensions from the United Kingdom. In short, we provide specialized, pension transfer advice from which your clients benefit, thanks to your partnership with us. 

Stand Out in a Crowd

Not all financial advisors are equipped to advise this unique population. Working with UK expats receiving a UK pension (or who are about to retire) requires specialized knowledge that’s hard to come by. Tim Carroll has that knowledge, as well as almost half a century of experience in the British pensions industry. By partnering with us, your business stands out from a crowd. 

Reach Out to New Audiences

When you’re reaching out to new attract new clients, it helps to target specific audiences. By partnering with Tim Carroll and his company, you’ll be able to target UK pensioners who’ve relocated to the United States…and there are quite a few of them!

Get Valuable Insight

The more you work with Tim Carroll, the more you’re going to learn about this niche area of financial advising. UK Pension Transfer, LLC is, by every definition of the word, a boutique agency that specializes in a very targeted area of financial advising. You’ll gain valuable insight into this area of your profession just by forming a professional alliance with us!

If you’re a financial advisor in the United States, UK Pension Transfer would love to partner with you! 

Interested? Want to learn more about partnering with us? Call and ask to speak directly to Tim Carroll.