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UK pension rules are costing you money. Export your funds and avoid certain taxes. Tim Carroll can show you how.


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Your investment decisions will be backed by the vast resources of Tim Carroll’s company, UK Pension Transfer.


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Your risk appetite changes over time. Tim can help you maximize your returns no matter what your unique set of circumstances might be.

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Tim handles all the details of your pension transfer, from recommending a plan to documenting the transaction.

4. Enjoy Continued Advice & Monitoring

Once your transfer has gone through, you’ll continue to receive advice on investment decisions from Tim, plus all this for a modest annual fee:


“I’ve been advising UK expats, just like you, for over 35 years. By getting your pension reviewed by me (for free), I can recommend a solution that can be implemented immediately. This will save you money now and in the future, and make sure as much money as possible is left for your heirs.” - Tim Carroll, British Expat Advisor